Balance Card

Use of attractions and games at Megafun is adjusted by card. Megafun has one card type: Balance Card.

  • Cost of Balance Card: 1 AZN.
  • The card is intended for multiple uses.
  • Minimum loading for the first time is 5 AZN when a new card is bought. Then, you may load any amount as you wish.
  • At every use of the balance card, the amount in the card will be deducted based on the cost of attractions and games.
  • The remaining amount in the balance card can be used any time during the next visits.
  • Once loaded money will not be refunded from the card under any circumstances.
  • If the Balance card is nonfunctional due to technical reasons, card will be replaced only if the card has money balance.

Individual Card

For a long time that you can gift to your loved ones a special card from Megafun whether you ask, yes, there is such a card! Megafun “Individual Card”.


Allows you to place the name, photo of the person you want on the card and feel it’s private!


Call 012 (922) for details.

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