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Megafun was disinfected against coronavirus!

Megafun which is the country’s largest family recreation center, has been disinfected against coronavirus.
Please be informed that during the disinfection the “BioCan A” disinfectant has been used which has a broad-spectrum effect against all bacteria, mold, yeasts and fungi.
All entertainment facilities, air conditioning systems, entrances and exits of the venue, elevators and escalators, in one word, all contact surfaces have been disinfected in order to create all conditions for convenient relaxing.
Disinfection activities are carried out by a company licensed and operating in this sphere in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards.
Please note that anti-epidemic measures are regularly repeated every day so that you can rest safely and comfortably in Megafun.
Megafun, a place where you can safely rest and enjoy, is waiting for you.

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